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How does a Chocolate Pizza taste? Try it with Menulog

It is that time of the year when you can literally stuff your faces with chocolate; no I am not talking about the Easter day where you eat all the bunny chocolate eggs. It is the world chocolate day and on this day Menulog promo codes offered its very strange and wanted product, the Chocolate Pizza.

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People all around the world like having savory pizzas. And mostly when you hear the word Pizza, pepperoni and cheese come in your mind but we never think of having something sweet in the form of a pizza just like the chocolate pizza. So to celebrate all things chocolate Menu Log has pulled a yummy deal for all its customers who love having chocolates. Moreover, you are in for a treat and will definitely love the combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate chips drizzled all over the chocolate pizza.

When inquired by the Menu Log team on who really came up with the whole idea of creating a chocolate pizza, their team said that this recipe for the chocolate pizza was made in fifteen days and was made for the customers who wanted to try something different and unique. And the best part about this pizza is that the customers who will be ordering it will get Menulog Discount code for trying out other products of Menu Log as well.

I might have heard about pizza for main course but a pizza for dessert sounds interesting. When I read through the description I could not control the temptation and imagined drooling over the melted chocolate chips on the pizza. So with my Menulog coupon code I ordered two pizzas, one for me and my mom and the other for my aunt who is a big time chocolate lover. I thought this would be the best thing I could gift my Aunty who has always helped me out in many ways.

The chocolate pizza arrived hot and had a nutella base with milk chocolate and dark chocolate toppings, just the way me and my mom like it. It was soft and sweet to the core with less chewy texture, just the way we wanted it. I have been given some discount on the chocolate pizza and I plan to use them in the farewell gathering of my friend next week. I am so sure they will love it too.

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